Tunisian Association for the promotion and documentation of the Tunisian heritage - CARTHAGINA

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Our mission

Document and preserve tangible and intangible heritage in Tunisia.

Carthagina is a Tunisian civil society organization that works to document and preserve the national history and heritage and promote them worldwide using new technologies.

Picture: Guerret ElAnz celebration with Abdessattar Ammamou in the Diocesan Library.

Board of Directors and Founders

Ali Ben Nasr

Founding Vice-President

Blogger, cultural activist and trader from Douz, Kebili.

Amine Ouichka

Founding member

Blogger and cultural activist. CEO of Audacity LLC.

Hamza Gassam

Founding Treasurer

Digital Marketing Manager and a cultural enthusiast.

AbdelKarim BenAbdallah

Founding Secretary General

Abdelkarim Benabdallah, one of the first Tunisian bloggers, digital marketing consultant, Founder of BIL Tunisia and confounder of Social Media Club Tunisia, General asecretary of Carthagina for several years, Creative Commons local ambassador and an enthousiaste photographer

Emna Mizouni

Founding President

Founder of Carthagina and other social impact initiatives. Emna is a digital communications expert

Cultural Catalyst, Leader of MedinaPedia project, Treasurer of Carthagina and a Marketing Manager at MASS Analytics.

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Board of advisors and members

Quotation Mark

Aida Robbana est titulaire d’un diplôme de l'Institut des hautes études commerciales (IHEC) Carthage en Tunisie et d'un Doctorat en économie et gestion internationales de l'Université Paris IX Dauphine.

Elle a travaillé comme économiste à EUROSTATS à Paris pendant trois années, puis pendant 7 ans dans un bureau d'études d'urbanisme en Tunisie où elle était économiste principale.

Elle a rejoint ensuite les Nations Unies en Tunisie en qualité de Chargée du bureau du Coordonnateur résident, où elle s'est occupée du suivi et de la mise en œuvre des opérations et programmes des 17 Agences des Nations Unies avec le gouvernement tunisien.

Aida parle 5 langues ; durant sa carrière, elle a appuyé les bureaux de pays des Nations unies et du PNUD, sur les thématiques de la Gestion axée sur les résultats, les Droits humains, la théorie du changement et le Design thinking pour le développement.

En Janvier 2020, elle a rejoint le bureau du PNUD Tunisie en tant que Spécialiste des programmes pour l’intégration des objectifs du développement durable et de l’innovation.

Depuis le 1er Février 2021, Aida a rejoint UN-Habitat en tant que Chef de bureau en Tunisie.

Quotation Mark

Director of Columbia Global Centre Tunis. He holds a Chevening M.A. in International Relations, from the Department of War Studies of King's College London, and a Fulbright M.A. in Classical Studies from Columbia University. He also holds a Maitrise in Ancient History

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Ghada Louhichi holds a Master degree in Hispanic Studies, where she carried out comparative research on the Spanish and Tunisian Transitions, with a focus on the transitional justice process and its challenges.

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Board of advisors and members

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Head of training department in a university.

Quotation Mark

Wildtunis, a photoblogger and urban storyteller.

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Book lover and reviewer and a banker.

Quotation Mark

IT Manager, photoblogger and culture enthusiast.


Documenting Tunisia's Heritage for future generations: MedinaPedia a project of Carthagina in partnership with Wikimedia TN UG and the Association for the safeguarding of the medina of Tunis. It consisted in digitizing the historical richnesses of the medina of Tunis and bringing them into the world of virtual collective knowledge.

The workshops and meetings took place in various places including the mythical Dar Lasram, headquarters of the Association for the safeguarding of the medina of Tunis. This association provided the MedinaPedia team with the necessary logistical support as well as access to its library.

In the frame of this project, we had 376 articles on Wikipedia in 11 Languages and 3238 images on wikimedia commons. The project was duplicated in many cities: Tunis Av Habib Bourguiba, Sfax, BeniKhalled, Hammamet,...

Collage of Issam Barhoumi.

Diversity in Tunisia

In partnership with the American Society of Overseas Research and Laboratoire du Patrimoine, Manouba, Carthagina started in 2022 a two-year project to document the diversity of Tunisia's religious and ethnic heritage.

The project includes field research to cover religious and ethnic sites across Tunisia as well as a series of workshops and cultural events that took place in various locations (Medina of Tunis, Carthage, Djerba, Douiret, CapBon, NorthWest,...).

Photo CCBYSA Karim2K - Mural in Djerba by artist Youssra Chouchene - Diversity and Coexistence in Tunisia.

Snapshots from our activities



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If you are interested in partnering with us, reach out. Carthagina is a nonprofit association under Tunisian law. We welcome all legal donations. They help us grow beyond the initiating funding we are building on thanks to our donors. Please don't forget to mention in the notice it's a donation and reach out to us for your donation receipt.